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Properties and Shapes

Dymatron Corrodalloy-5 Products:

  • Corrodalloy-5 Powder
  • Corrodalloy-5 Heater Pads
  • Corrodalloy-5 Bleed-thru plugs
  • Automatic Heat Pad Fabrication Machine

Corrodalloy-5 Powder
Process equipment and instructions for the production of Heater Pads such as those used to heat military Rations and Heater Meals is available. Source of hydrogen for fuel cells.

Corrodalloy-5 Solid Shapes
Corrodalloy-5 solid shapes such as bars, flats and rods may be fabricated using P/M Technology:

  • 0.626 inch diameter round bars
  • 0.55 inch diameter round bars
  • 1.01 inch diameter round bars
  • 0.250x1.5 rectangular bars
  • 0.125x1.0 rectangular bars
  • 40 mesh mechanically alloyed Corrodalloy-5 powder
  • Bleed-down plugs (meets Navy specs)
  • Scuttling and flooding devices

Properties of Corrodalloy-5
Corrodalloy-5 is a super-corroding magnesium-iron alloy that spontaneously corrodes in saline solutions (e.g. seawater) producing heat and hydrogen.

Heat evolution:
3.76 Kilocalories per gram

Hydrogen evolution:
1 liter of hydrogen per gram

Density (solid):
1.81 grams/cc

Ultimate Tensile Strength (K/sq. in.):
21.4 to 29.6

Yield Strength (K/sq. in.):
12.7 to 28.8

Percent Elongation (2" Gauge):
9.2 to 3.1 inch/inch

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