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The Dymatron MEGAPACT®

Multi-Role Laboratory Processing Equipment


In widespread applications the Megapact vibratory mill has demonstrated its ability to handle difficult grinding and dispersing problems rapidly, effectively, and economically for the most demanding applications. Such performance is achieved through high energy processing in a compact mill of unusual flexibility.

Megapact vibratory mills are being successfully employed to process metals, ceramics, composites, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, plastics, solid lubricants, abrasives, and all classes of metallurgical and geological materials.

milling chambersPerformance

The principal and design are simple and inexpensive. Two long chambers or two or more short chambers oppositely and contrawise supported on two cradles, are oscillated in a circular path at 3,600 cycles per minute with an amplitude that can be adjusted (by the user)
from 0 to 2mm.

Milling Chambers & Media

Megapact®The Megapact mill may be supplied with either two long (1400cc) or two short (280cc) stainless steel chambers. The cradles will support two short or one long chamber on each cradle. High strength disposable plastic bottles available from laboratory supply companies are particularly useful for grinding chemical and pharmaceutical products. The Megapact is most suitable for inserting and removing the mill from glove boxes since it is small enough to fit conveniently into most glove boxes. A quick release devise enables the removal of the milling chamber cover in situ, thus allowing high pressure gas generated by by chemical reactions to be released under control.

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