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The Dymatron MEGAMILL-5®

Multi-Role Laboratory Processing Equipment


Megamill-5®The Megamill-5, comparable to the laboratory Megapact vibratory ball mill, is capable of performing the most difficult milling and dispersing problems, rapidly, effectively, and economically.

It has successfully milled metals, ceramics, composites, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, plastics, lubricants, abrasives, and all classes of metallurgical polymeric and geological materials.

Like the Megapact, the Megamill-5 may be used for Mechanical Alloying (MA) selected materials. For example, using several Megamill-5 mills up to 120,000 lbs. per month of Mg/Fe alloy powder have been produced for FRH heaters used for heating entrees in MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).


The principal and design of the Megamill-5 is simple, flexible, and inexpensive compared to other available milling machines. Two 5 liter chambers supported opposite and contrawise on two cradles (as pictured above right) are oscillated in a circular path at 3,600 cycles per minute with an amplitude that can be adjusted from 0 to 2mm.

Milling Chambers & Media

The Megamill-5 is equipped with two stainless steel chambers, each having an internal volume of five liters. The chambers are secured to each cradle of the mill by a roller chain and clamp, thereby facilitating quick loading and unloading of the chambers.


The Megamill-5 is a freestanding vibratory mill and is easy to install. The mill may be mounted on a sturdy steel stand, or, for economy and convenience, on the special rugged shipping crate accompanying the mill. The base of the mill is provided with vibratory absorbing mounts. Setting the mill on a hard rubber sheet will prevent translational motion over the supporting surface. Three-phase, sixty-cycle power and a circuit breaker is required.

The mill is not quiet; therefore, personnel working in the immediate vicinity of the mill should be shielded from the noise either by wearing ear plugs; or, the machine may be enclosed within a simple acoustic enclosure that incorporates a means of removing heat from the motor and milling chambers.

The base of the mill, equipped with shock absorber mounts, is 23-1/2" (597mm) in length, 23-5/8" (600mm) and the height is 20" (508mm). The totally enclosed drive motor is 240/280 V. 3Ø 60hz, 3600rpm and 0.68hp. The chambers are 16-5/8" (422mn) in length by 5-1/4" (133mn) in diameter.

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