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Dymatron Marine Applications

Corrodalloy-5 Products

  • Corrodalloy-5 Powder
  • Corrodalloy-5 Heater Pads
  • Corrodalloy-5 Bleed-thru plugs
  • Automatic Heat Pad Fabrication Machine

Marine Applications or MRD's
Marine Release Devices utilizing Corrodalloy-5 have many existing and potential applications in marine environments, including:

  • Scuttling surface and undersea recording or signaling equipment; recovering practice torpedos, buoys, ships, flooding undersea pressure vessels, etc.
  • Providing hydrogen gas for buoyancy bags used in salvage operations.


  • Bleed-thru scuttling plugs used in the recovery of practice torpedos used by the U.S. Navy and
  • Corrodalloy-5 solid shapes as bars, rods, flats, sheets for producing marine release devices—see Corrodalloy-5, properties and shapes and other products.

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